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您可以仅出于个人和非商业目的浏览、复制或打印本网站的网页. You may not otherwise use, modify, copy, print, display, reproduce, 未经hga030皇冠手机版明确的书面许可,在本网站发布或发布任何信息 & Freighters Franchise Company. At any time Craters & Freighters Franchise Company may, without notice, 更改本网站或本网站描述的服务或产品. This site is copyrighted by Craters & Freighters Franchise Company.

By submitting your account information, including address, telephone number, fax number, and email address, you consent to receive business communications from us via all methods.

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本网站可能包含到第三方维护或控制的网站的超链接. Craters & 货轮特许经营公司不负责及不认可该等货物的内容, use of, or any of the products or services offered in these third-party sites. Further, Craters & 货运特许经营公司对任何商标均无主张或所有权权益, trade names, or service marks owned and protected by third parties.

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The Craters & Freighters name, service, 和本网站所标识的服务标志均为crater的注册商标或服务标志 & Freighters Franchise Company. 本网站所提及的所有其他产品或服务均为其各自所有者的商标或服务标记.

As the user of this website, 您一般承担使用此服务器和互联网的所有责任和风险. Craters & Freighters Franchise Company and Craters & Freighters Franchise Owners disclaim all warranties, representations or endorsements, express or implied, 关于从或通过本服务器或互联网访问的信息. In no event shall Craters & Freighters Franchise Company be liable for any special, indirect, 或间接损害,或任何因丧失使用而造成的损害, loss of data, 或因使用或执行本服务器或互联网上的信息而产生或与之相关的利润损失. Craters & Freighters is not responsible for any damages incurred, consequential or otherwise, due to technical inaccuracies or typographical errors on this server. Craters & 承运人有权更改和更新此服务器中包含的任何信息,而无需事先通知,并有权使此服务器退出服务而无需事先通知.

Craters & 承运人不保证本服务器或互联网上的信息通常是不可中断的或无错误的,或任何信息, 从此服务器访问的软件或其他材料没有病毒或其他有害组件.

货物将在码头或通过一楼的一扇门装运. Craters & Freighters may use a box truck equipped with a lift-gate. The estimate is based on a one-person pickup. 如果托运人无法协助司机处理超重或超大的物品, we may supply a second person. Please contact us if you require additional personnel. Additional charges may apply. 如果在接送地点有楼梯或其他障碍物,可能会收取额外费用.

The consignee may be contacted, by phone, to set up a delivery day. 送货时间通常是周一到周五早上,有四个小时的窗口. To keep shipping costs to a minimum, 送货是由一个人送货到一楼的门,或当货物过大/重量时,送货到卡车的尾部. 重量超过100磅或超大的物品将被认为是送到卡车的后挡板. 收货人将负责卸货,并在送货现场有专人协助. When the consignee cannot unload, 您必须立即hg030皇冠,以便在装运或交货前作出其他安排. We can usually provide any level of service that you require, including a second person, uncrating, inside delivery, lift-gate, and other services. 请注意,这些服务将收取超出报价金额的额外费用. A 28- to 54-foot truck routinely delivers shipments. 收货人居住的地区禁止使用大型卡车运输的, contact us immediately. Additional charges may apply.

如果您希望将您的个人身份信息从hg030皇冠的系统中删除,请与hg030皇冠联系 [email protected].

You should declare the full value of each piece to be shipped. 全部价值可以定义为您为该件物品支付的金额或当前市场价值(如果您最近进行了评估). In the event of a claim, 您的付款将基于您已申报的金额或价值的百分比. We can only insure items that have been packed by Craters & Freighters. 预先包装的货物只能投保整个包装的失窃或丢失. 有关hg030皇冠保险范围的详细信息,请阅读所有条款 & Conditions on the front and back of our house bill. 您将被要求接受这些条款和条件之前与hga030皇冠手机版运输 & Freighters.

Crate Only
包装或板条箱的价格包括在hg030皇冠的常规服务区域的提货和板条箱. Call your local Craters & Freighters to determine if you are within the service area. The shipper is responsible for arranging transportation from Craters & Freighters. Craters & 货轮将根据您的规格建造板条箱,或在对您的产品进行外观检查后设计定制的木质或双层瓦楞板条箱. Our highly-specialized services include custom crating, load, block and brace of containers, ISPM 15, export VCI and VB crating, and much more.

Transportation Only
Transportation or freight forwarding is not a blanket wrap service. All items transported through Craters & Freighters must be properly boxed or crated for transport. 发货人负责装货,收货人负责卸货. 运输或货运代理不包括客户包装货物或预包装货物的保险. Other services are available; please call your local Craters & Freighters to discuss options and costs.

Transit Time
取货后完成包装和板条箱的平均时间是三个工作日. 实际的运输或转运时间将根据运输长度而定,从3至10个工作日不等,不包括提货和包装/装箱的时间. 住宅交付通常会增加运输时间,因为收件人或收货人将被联系以安排交付日期. The stated times are estimates and will vary by location and workload. Please discuss specific transit and delivery time with you Craters & Freighters associate.

所有费用是不可退还的,必须在您的货物装运前付清. When a shipment is refused by the consignee, 返程运费和其他适用费用不由弹坑承担 & Freighters. Return charges must be paid in advance. Quoted and actual prices may vary after verification of size, weight and value, or when additional special services requested. Please do not hesitate to contact your local Craters & Freighters location or call 1- with any questions or concerns.

Each Craters & Freighters location is individually (franchisee) owned and operated. Services, pricing, scheduling, and payment options vary by location. All questions, comments, quotes, tracking inquiries, and claims should be directed to the origin Craters & Freighters location.

All Craters & 在本网站上发现的货轮信息和通过本网站获得的其他信息均为私人信息, copyrighted property of Craters & Freighters. Without limitation, 您无权在任何其他网站上提供或以其他方式复制上述信息, distribute, copy, store, 未经crater书面同意,为商业目的使用或出售信息 & Freighters. 任何与这些条款不一致的访问或使用都是未经授权的,并被严格禁止. Each Craters & Freighters is independently owned and operated. All questions, comments, quotes, tracking inquiries, and claims should be directed to the origin Craters & Freighters location.